Jessica is a published peer-reviewed author. Below are links to several of her publications.

Bayes, J et al (2020), "An Investigation into The Diets and Nutritional Knowledge of Young Men with Depression (The “MENDDS” survey)" Nutrition

Bayes, J et al (2019). "Effects of polyphenols found in a Mediterranean diet on the symptoms of depression: A systematic literature review" Advances in Nutrition.

Bayes, J et al (2019) "A pilot trial examining the absorption of oral forms of folate supplementation in a healthy population: A randomised control trial"' Advances in Integrative medicine.

Bayes, J et al (2018). "The bioavailability of oral various forms of folate supplementation in healthy populations and animal models: A systematic review." The journal of alternative and complementary medicine.

Leech, B and J, Bayes, (2018) "A synopsis of the 2018 International Congress on Integrative Medicine and Health". Australian journal of herbal and naturopathic medicine.

A full list of publications and research projects can be found here:

Jessica Bayes on ResearchGate


Jessica regularly holds workshops and speaks at various events throughout the year. Some of her latest speaking events include:

  • Research Students Conference - UTS November 2020 - winner of best e-poster presentation
  • Oral Presentation at the Lifestyle Medicine Virtual Conference November 2020
  • Oral Presentation to the Food and Mood Center, Deakin University (virtual) October 2020
  • Poster Presentation at the 16th World Congress on Public Health (virtual) October 2020
  • Research Students Conference - UTS November 2019 - winner of best e-poster presentation
  • International Congress in Integrated Medicine and Health - Baltimore, USA, May 2018
  • Fermentation workshop - ACU, April 2018
  • Grand Rounds Speaker - Endeavour College of Natural Health 2018
  • Love your Guts - Missfox, May 2018