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60 Day Custom Keto Diet Plan is an online program that sets you up with a fully customized 8-week keto meal plan, with each recipe specifically chosen for you based on your specific food preferences, lifestyle and goals. With all of the keto knowledge, recipes and guidance provided, you’ll have everything you need to embark on this new, healthy journey even well after the 8 weeks are up.

  • Creator: Rachel Roberts
  • Contents: ebook and videos
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  • Official Website: yourcustomplan.com
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60 Day Custom Ket Diet Plan

60 Day Custom Ket Diet Plan is your comprehensive online guide to transitioning into the keto lifestyle, complete with everything you need to develop lasting healthy habits. This program comes with an 8-week fully customizable meal plan, featuring recipes for every meal of the day, so you’ll never run out of ideas on what to eat. Each recipe is specially selected for you based on your individual food preferences, flavor choices, allergens, likes, dislikes, lifestyle, height, weight, and future goals.

In addition to your customized meal plan, 60 Day Custom Keto Diet Plan also includes an abundance of valuable keto knowledge, complete with detailed information, tips, cooking hacks and an array of extra content to enhance your keto experience. This includes printable grocery shopping lists, a Keto 101 Video and eBook, and several specialized recipe collections like Keto Bacon Recipes, Keto Superfood Smoothie Recipes, Keto Chocolate Treats, and much more.

The Author

Rachel Roberts is the wellness coach and author behind the 60 Day Custom Keto Diet Plan. Just like many women out there, Rachel faced the common challenge of maintaining a healthy weight despite experimenting with various trendy weight loss programs. However, her personal success with the keto diet sparked a mission within her – to share her success with others. Rachel collaborated with leading nutritionists, chefs, and personal trainers to create this program and invested countless hours in research, preparation, and planning to create the ultimate keto experience that is fully custom-made for each individual.

What You Will Get In The Program?

60 Day Custom Keto Diet Plan is digital, allowing you to access the program (and all of the incredible bonuses) as soon as you purchase. You can conveniently access the materials online or download them directly onto your tech devices, ensuring easy and quick reference wherever your dining experiences take you. The program also includes a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, giving you a generous two-month trial period, where you can explore and experience the benefits of the 60 Day Custom Keto Diet Plan risk-free.

Outline of the Program

60 Day Custom Keto Diet Plan is your ticket to a fully customized journey into the ketogenic lifestyle, offering a comprehensive program that equips you with the knowledge, meal plans, and recipes imperative for a successful transition.

The program begins with some key information about none other than yourself. You input your metrics, preferred flavors, food dislikes and allergens, desired goals and a few other points, and the system automatically generates a personalized plan just for you.

Within the meal plan, you’ll find important nutritional information and portion sizes with each meal so you can learn why it’s good for you and your goals, and how to use this knowledge to make healthy decisions in your diet long-term. All of the recipes can also be swapped out for something different if you don’t like what you see or simply have a craving for something else.

The program also includes all kinds of bonus cookbooks, guides, and videos, ensuring you have all the resources needed to keep your new keto adventure going well beyond the 8-week plan.

Now, let's dive into a more detailed preview of what each component has to offer:

Keto 101 eBook

This guide serves as your go-to resource for gaining all the knowledge needed to understand and implement the ketogenic diet. This includes everything from the basics to common mistakes to avoid, ketosis, setting up your keto diet, and more. There are plenty of useful tips in this section, so you don’t want to skip over it! After all, knowledge is power.

Keto 101 Video Series

In the video series, you’ll find many of the same topics from the main manual as well as some extras. These videos cover each in more detail, offering you even more guidance and knowledge to ensure a successful experience. There are also many tricks and tips shared well throughout each, including keto lifestyle hacks, ways to maximize the benefits, using keto to maintain healthy blood pressure and so much more.

Extra Guides and Features

Of course, one of the main features of the 60 Day Custom Keto Diet Plan is the fully customized 8-week keto diet plan, where you’ll find each meal for every day planned out for you. This also includes the recipes needed to put the meal plan into action.

The program also comes with a plethora of supporting materials, including additional recipes, nutritional facts, a complimentary guide on 'Intermittent Fasting for Keto Dieters 101,' and much more.

Advantages of 60 Day Custom Ket Diet Plan

Disadvantages of 60 Day Custom Ket Diet Plan

The 60 Day Custom Keto Diet Plan is not a physical product and nothing gets shipped out to you. Instead, everything is online and in digital format, allowing you to quickly and conveniently access the program right from your preferred tech devices.

If you would prefer a printed version, you can also download and print the guides off from home.

My Thoughts

60 Day Custom Ket Diet Plan is a comprehensive system that serves as your digital keto coach, complete with all of the knowledge, guidance, advice, support, recipes and meal plans needed for you to successfully transition into this healthy lifestyle. Unlike other keto programs, this one takes you into consideration; all of the meals included in your meal plan are specially selected for you based on the foods you like, the foods you dislike, your age, height, weight, and specific weight loss goals. And all of the recipes are also provided to you, complete with valuable information about each so you can learn how to eat keto and continue even after the 8 weeks are up. The program also comes with all kinds of extra features and guides, setting you up with even

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Frequently Asked Questions

The program is digital, so there is no hardcopy available. This is necessary in order for the meal plan to be customized to suit your individual needs and desires. Additionally, you can change the recipes and swap them out for another one in real-time.

The digital format also ensures that everything you need is readily available at your fingertips anytime you need it.

You can always download the guides and print them off on your own if you’d like.
Yes. All of the ingredients can be found at your favorite place to grab your groceries. The program also comes with grocery lists for each week, based on the recipes chosen for you.
It’s entirely customized just for you. It isn’t generic and made for everyone; it’s designed specifically for you based on the information you enter about your goals, lifestyle, activity levels, food preferences and so on and so forth.
No additional discounts have been released for this program. So, the price you see on the official website is the only price they currently offer. Keep in mind, this also includes the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, so there’s absolutely no risk in trying it.
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